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2022:Submissions/Leamos Wikipedia en Bolivia: A local iteration of the Reading Wikipedia in the classroom program

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Olga Lidia Paredes Alcoreza
Guillermo Miguel Jauregui Magne


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The program Leamos Wikipedia en Bolivia 2021 - 2022 has been very exciting and fun for the teachers that are really into media literacy. Many teachers from all over the country participated in this program, with a good number of them from the country side. Many report that critical reading was welcomed by both teachers and students alike. Teachers also mentioned that knowing how Wikipedia works help them plan their lessons better. Also, they learned to evaluate whether a given text is reliable and how to spot common mistakes, and so did their students! They had never thought that sources were so vital to write better texts. To conclude, digital litteracy is a must at school these days, as such we want to welcome Wikipedia in the classroom.

Learning Outcomes

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- People will understand how Reading Wikipedia helps with digital literacy


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Olga Paredes Is an architect, researcher and wikimedian. She is part of the Wikimedistas de Bolivia coordination team, and member of Wikimujeres and GeoChicas. She also works to promote of free knowledge. She is a volunteer in collaborative projects of the Wikimedia family and others such as OpenStreetMap. She seeks to increase greater diversity in the communities and to maintain the creative spirit. Guillermo Jauregui is a bolivian lawyer, teacher, and translator, passionate about expanding open knowledge, justice and free and public education.