2022:Submissions/Live recording of the podcast The World According to Wikipedia

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  • Language: English
  • Status: Live

Speaker(s)[edit source]

Rebecca O'Neill, Fionnuala Murphy

Abstract[edit source]

The World According to Wikipedia is a podcast that explores all things Wikimedia related. We want to celebrate Wikimania by bringing a live stream version of the podcast to our favourite people - Wikimedians! As our first live stream, we will ask the audience to participate by asking questions, while we chat to long time Wikipedia and Vicipéid fan, Darach Ó Séaghdha.

Learning Outcomes[edit source]

This podcast is all about telling the world about the people behind Wikipedia and Wikimedia projects, and we want to make Wikimania part of that outreach. We will ask Wikimania participants what do they want to tell the world about their involvement, what do they want to show off or explain, and tell listeners everywhere why being a Wikimedian matters! This session is about fun, participation, and finding out about all the diverse people that make up the movement. As the festival edition - we want to help bring the party!

Biography[edit source]

I am Rebecca O'Neill, project coordinator for Wikimedia Community Ireland, long time Wikimedian, and co-host of the podcast The World According to Wikipedia. I am passionate about all things Wikimedia, with a particular focus on addressing the gender gap and advocating for small language Wikipedias such as Vicipeid. My co-host is Fionnuala Murphy.