2022:Submissions/Making a movie with Wikimedia Commons: the story of /the Last Lion/

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Speaker(s)[edit source]

Zack McCune

Abstract[edit source]

For filmmakers, the 80 million free-to-use files on Wikimedia Commons offer an unparalleled resource. This year I made a short film about the Barbary Lion's tragic extinction using only public domain content, depending heavily on Commons.
In this lighting talk, I will talk about how Commons can be a rich creative toolbox for storytellers. I will explain how I discovered vintage postcards and paintings on Commons for my short film, and note the original files I added to Commons for others to use. I will also play the 4-minute movie and take questions.
My hope is that Wikimedians see and celebrate the potential of Commons as a filmmaking tool.

Learning Outcomes[edit source]

1. Understanding for how Wikimedia Commons files can be used in films and short videos
2. Appreciation for how even \boring\ archival content can be critical for filmmakers
3. Inspiration for making movies and short films on your own, even without previous training

Biography[edit source]

Zack McCune is a graphic designer and filmmaker based in San Francisco, California. He studied at Brown University and the Rhode Island School of Design, before publishing the first academic study of Instagram as a Master's student at the University of Cambridge in 2011.
McCune enjoys block prints, poster design, and portrait photography. As a proud advocate for Creative Commons, McCune regularly releases his work as free-to-use through The Noun Project and Wikimedia Commons.
Zack is also a staff member at the Wikimedia Foundation where he has served since 2015. He leads the Brand Studio team in the Foundation's Communications department.