2022:Submissions/Meet the members that are drafting the Wikimedia Movement Charter, Part 2

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  • Language: English
  • Status: Mixed

Speaker(s)[edit source]

Movement Charter Drafting Committee

Abstract[edit source]

We will be recording and introductional video next weekend and would like to work this into a short video of ~5 minutes.
The video will show us working together, giving faces to our names and connecting the languages the projects that we are part of. The video will answer answer some of the basic questions and most importantly \Why does the movement need a charter\?

Learning Outcomes[edit source]

After seeing the video, people will have a general understanding about the Movement Charter and the committee that is working on this.

Biography[edit source]

The Movement Charter Drafting Committee will create a document that will support the Wikimedia Movement in working together toward the Strategic Direction. The Committee's task is to draft the Movement Charter following the Movement Strategy recommendation “Equity in Decision-Making”.
The task also includes research and consulting with communities, experts, and organizations. The final draft will eventually need to gain consensus by a Wikimedia Movement-wide ratification