2022:Submissions/Movement Strategy: Implementation lightning talks!, Part 2

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  • Language: English
  • Status: Live

Speaker(s)[edit source]

Lucas Piantá (Wiki Movimento Brasil) Douglas Ssebaggala (Community User Group Uganda) Flavia Doria (Wiki Editoras Lx and Journalist)

Session hosted by Movement Strategy and Governance Team (WMF)

Abstract[edit source]

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In this lightning talk session, three speakers from different Wikimedia organizations and groups will present their projects by which they are working on implementing a part of Wikimedia’s Movement Strategy. What are their challenges during implementation, what have they learned and could be shared with others interested in implementing Movement Strategy, and what future goals they have for their work and for Movement Strategy? Each speaker presents their work for 10 min, and can answer questions from the audience for 5 min. The idea is to showcase tangible examples of what Movement Strategy Implementation looks like in practice.

Learning Outcomes[edit source]

  • Understanding how Movement Strategy can be put into practice
  • Learning about challenges and experiences of different organizations and groups while working on implementing Movement Strategy
  • Connect with others that are working on topics you’re interested in
  • Inspiration for what and how to start working on Movement Strategy implementation

Biography[edit source]

  • Lucas Piantá is the Movement Strategy analyst at Wiki Movimento Brasil, and works to support the Lusophone community
  • Douglas SSebaggala is a founding member of the Wikimedia User Group in Uganda and is currently co-lead on a research project on Hubs needs in East Africa
  • Flavia Doria is a Journalist, Wikipedian and member of the Lisbon group, WikiEditorasLx. Flavia is also the lead on a project to translate Movement Strategy documents and engage with communities to increase knowledge of movement strategy and opportunities