2022:Submissions/Responsible community governance: Equity and access to mental health information on Wikimedia projects

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  • Language: English
  • Status: Live

Speaker(s)[edit source]

Dr. Monica Horten, Policy Manager-Freedom of Expression, Open Rights Group (monica@openrightsgroup.org)
Dr. Netha Hussain, Wikimedian, physician, and a neuroscientist (nethahussain@gmail.com)
Nelson Moses, Founder of Suicide Prevention India Foundation (nelsonvinod@gmail.com)
Tina Butoiu, Legal Counsel, Wikimedia Foundation (cbutoiu@wikimedia.org)

Abstract[edit source]

How can community governance models adapt to subjects that require additional expertise, including mental health-related topics? Community governance models can be extremely effective at handling content moderation at scale and in ways that are less biased than top-down models. However, inconsistent communication among subject matter experts, platform representatives, regulators, and volunteer editors can result in policies which fail to address the actual needs of users. In line with “The Festival Edition” theme, this workshop will be a virtual card game show focused on Wikipedia-specific challenges related to community governance issues, sensitive topics, and content moderation, followed by an open discussion with expert panelists.

Learning Outcomes[edit source]

In this interactive session, participants will learn about the strengths and weaknesses of community governance models. Attendees will also be invited to work with expert panelists from within and outside of the Wikimedia Movement to understand how lessons learned from past content moderation challenges on Wikimedia projects can be applied to current community governance issues and in different cultural contexts.

Biography[edit source]

Dr. Monica Horten is a published author and independent tech policy analyst. She served as an independent expert on the Council of Europe Committee on Internet Freedoms, where she participated in the drafting of two legal instruments. In her role as Policy Manager - Freedom of Expression at Open Rights Group, she is currently looking into the UK’s Online Safety Bill and continues to specialise in the field of content online, focusing on human rights issues.

Dr. Netha Hussain is a radiologist and neuroscience researcher, who has been a volunteer at the Wikimedia movement since 2010. Last year, she was named as the Wikimedian of the Year in the Honorable Mention category. She usually write articles related to healthcare, women's biographies and current affairs, and has been recognized by the United Nations for her work on COVID-19 misinformation on Wikimedia projects.

Nelson Moses is the Founder of Suicide Prevention India Foundation and a freelance journalist who writes on mental health and social entrepreneurship.Nelson’s best friend Ryan Bennett died of suicide, this made a profound impact on him and over the years he has been researching and understanding mental health, suicide awareness and suicide prevention. Suicide Prevention India Foundation is the fruition of that journey.

Tina Butoiu is Legal Counsel for the Wikimedia Foundation, where she focuses on content compliance. Her work has included analysis of global online harms legislation, producing Wikimedia's Transparency Report, and working on defamation litigation.