2022:Submissions/Seeking new strategies of engagement: the benefits of science communicators on Wikipedia

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  • Language: Spanish
  • Status: Live

Speaker(s)[edit source]

Carla Toro

Abstract[edit source]

In the age of disinformation, access to clear and reliable information is key. However, most scientific answers lie under paywalls, making it impossible for most people to access to quality information. Even though Wikipedia’s community has tried to tackle this problem, the challenge persists when trying to ensure that every article is understandable and contains up-to-date information and sources. Promoting scientific communicators' engagement on Wikipedia is a good way to help this issue, as they manage both specific topics and techniques to better explain them to the broader public. This talk will review Wikimedia Chile’s strategies to involve science communicators in the wikiverse in our attempt to communicate science through Wikipedia.

Learning Outcomes[edit source]

Identify the potential of Wikipedia as a platform for scientific dissemination.
Understand the beliefs and motivations of the scientific communication community regarding using Wikipedia as a medium of dissemination.
Know the methodology used in the project “How to communicate science on the Internet: the case of Wikipedia” promoted by Wikimedia Chile.

Biography[edit source]

Carla Toro Fernández, Community Support Officer at Wikimedia Chile. Science communicator and Wikidata enthusiastic