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2022:Submissions/Showcasing Youth Diversity and Inclusion through Storytelling in the Wikimedia Movement

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  • Language: English
  • Status: Live

Speaker(s)[edit source]

Euphemia Uwandu
Francesc Fort
Douglas Ssebaggala
Terry Boke
Valentin Renvoy
Nada Alfarra
Romeo Ronald L
Uwayezu Protais
Mrb Rafi

Abstract[edit source]

Young Wikimedians are part of the about 1.8 billion young people taking action to solve pressing issues in different corners of the world today. Every year, their voices and actions are recognized globally by the United Nations on 12th August, the month and time which coincides with Wikimania, the biggest wikimedia conference.
The WikiVibrance Project comprises a group of Wikimedians who have been working since 2021 in order to coordinate the activities of young wikimedians and celebrate Youth Voices through International and regional events such as the International Youth Day, Africa Youth Month and Europe Youth Day in our Movement.
This session reflects on youth participation and engagement, and how instrumental it is for movement sustainability and achievement of the wikimedia 2030.

Learning Outcomes[edit source]

1. The importance and role of young people in attaining wikimedia 2030 and movement sustainability.
2. Work of young wikimedians and the people/communities shaping their journey.
3. Global Launch of International Youth Day 2022.

Biography[edit source]

Euphemia Uwandu is a young Wikimedian passionate about youth matters, engagement, and empowerment in the Wikimedia movement. She, together with Francesc Fort, Eben Mlay, Douglas Ssebaggala and James Popoola form part of the core team for the WikiVibrance Project (a youth-focused initiative) in the movement.