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2022:Submissions/Solung Etor Festival of Adi Tribe in North East India

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  • Status: Pre-recorded


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Dr.Aaryaa Joshi


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Culture is an eminent part of everyone's life.Culture nourishes life of the society.
In India there is a wonderful piece of land called Arunachal Pradesh.
Comparatively under privileged but still this part of India have enriched tradition and Culture.People of this land are nature worshippers and have their own identity.
In open knowledge creation we should consider this kind of festivals which get celebrated for wellbeing of the society.These lovely people celebrate this festival with enthusiasm.
These kind of festivals provides various aspects for research in the field of ancient tradition and customs.
This will be a small attempt to make everone witness of this beautiful festival which includes happiness,brotherhood and equity.
War dance is a unique feature of this festival.
Lets explore the beauty of North East India and its people through this festival.

Learning Outcomes

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  1. Introduction of a new place in India
  2. Will receive new dimentions for various wiki platforms like commons,voyage,wikipedia articles
  3. Research oriented projects based on Culture and Tradition which will leads towards learning History,Geography,Social Sciences,Ecology etc


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  • 15,000+edits on Marathi Wikipedia
  • Researcher of Hindu Tradition,Culture and Philosophy since last 15years
  • Delievered 80+talks and,250+articles published in various newspapers magazines, National and international research journals etc
  • Received two awards and scholarships in Maharashtra for research based on Culture and Tradition