2022:Submissions/Strategy on Running Wikimedia Communities of Taiwanese Indigenous

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  • Language: English
  • Status: Mixed

Speaker(s)[edit source]

Kán Ûi-iū (iyumu) from ALCD, Taiwan
Tuku Tiway Sayuen from Sakizaya community
Walis Huwac from Seediq community
Safulo A. Cikatopay from Amis community
dremedreman from Paiwan community

Abstract[edit source]

# Introduction of the current activities of the Wikimedia communities of Taiwanese indigenous communities. Currently, there are totally 5 sites of Wikipedias of the 5 Taiwanese indigenous languages, including Wikipedia Sakizaya, Wikipedia Atayal, Wikipedia Seediq, Wikipedia Amis and Wikipedia Paiwan. Entrusted by the Taiwan Ministry of Education, ALCD (National Chengchi University) has been recruiting the members from the different communities to contribute on their Wikipedias in many different ways. For instance, we’ve hold several workshops to introduce the operations on translatewiki and Wikimedia Incubator. And now we tend to facilitate the communities to develop on their own.

  1. Introduction of the magazine of ALCD— “Aboriginal Education World”. It has a complete record of the development of the Wikipedias of Taiwanese indigenous languages.
  2. The connection between the grants of the Wikimedia Foundation and the Wikimedia communities of Taiwan indigenous languages. Besides the financial support from the Taiwan Ministry of Education, we are looking forward to introduce the application to the grants fund from the Foundation in the future.
  3. Conversation with the representatives from the different language communities. 1~5 representatives from the different communities will be invited to join the meeting.
  4. Please check the meta page of our coming event "臺灣原住民族語維基百科編輯競賽活動" collaborated with the five Taiwan indigenous communities, including Sakizya (szy), Atayal (tay), Seediq (trv), Amis (ami), and Paiwan (pwn).

Learning Outcomes[edit source]

  1. To know the current development of the communities of Taiwan indigenous languages
  2. To know the facilitation on communities of the local languages
  3. To have a discussion on how to connect the local communities (non-affiliates) to the Wikimedia Foundation, including the fund application and the participation to international activities.

Biography[edit source]

Assistant at ALCD, Taiwan. I've been helping the users from different indigenous communities on several wiki projects for a year. Currently, I facilitate the Paiwan Wikimedians User Group with several projects (some are drafted and some are funded). In addition, I've participated in Wikimedia Language Diversity Hub as a steering member since last November.

Note: please move to "Networking" > "Groups" > "Wikimedia Communities of Taiwan Indigenous Languages" for the further discussion with our speakers after the session from 11:15 ~ 11:30 (UTC).