2022:Submissions/Successes and challenges in partnering with Heritage NGOs-Professionals for better documentation of World Heritage in Global South

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  • Language: English
  • Status: Live

Speaker(s)[edit source]

Nassima Chahboun (Chair of Wiki World Heritage UG)
Wiki World Heritage UG

Abstract[edit source]

Interaction between Heritage NGOs and Heritage Professionals from one side, and Wikimedia Affiliates like the Wiki World Heritage UG from another side, can be very useful to create synergies for better coverage and documentation of World Heritage around the world, especially in the under-covered Global South.
The session will introduce the exciting initiatives and partnerships of the Wiki World Heritage UG including the new initiative the Wiki Heritage Hour: a monthly videocast aiming to invite heritage professionals and discuss heritage topics.
In addition, the session will go through the successes and challenges of building partnerships in the global south in order to ameliorate the coverage of World Heritage on Wiki projects.

Learning Outcomes[edit source]

Attendees will learn about the success and challenges of partnerships built by the Wiki World Heritage UG in the global south
Attendees will identify the value of the synergy between Wikimedia affiliates and Heritage NGOs/Professionals for better documentation of Heritage.
Attendees will learn about the initiatives of the Wiki World Heritage UG for documenting the World Heritage and for fostering partnerships including the new initiative Wiki Heritage Hour a monthly videocast inviting Heritage professionals and discussing heritage topics.

Biography[edit source]

Nassima is an architect and Wikimedian from Morocco. She is the co-founder of Wiki World Heritage UG, a Wikimedia affiliate dedicated to the creation of free educational content about World Heritage through participatory methods and the use of innovative technologies.
Nassima is devoted to fostering open content about heritage and she is behind several wiki projects like WikiKsour (ksour.wiki), MedinaStories (medinastories.wiki), Whindanger and ToldCities.