2022:Submissions/The challenges and opportunities of building a Community

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  • Language: English
  • Status: Pre-recorded

Speaker(s)[edit source]


Abstract[edit source]

Will discuss the requirements and systems necessary to build a community, the challenges and opportunities that come with building a community. What are other communities doing right and what can the Wikimedia Botswana Community Usergroup benchmark from other communities. What are small communities missing that makes their communities no grow. As a small community do we understand the principal of quality over quantity.

Learning Outcomes[edit source]

What does it take to build a community.
How to determine what to benchmark from other communities.
Understand the a small community developing quality content on Wikimedia projects is also progress.

Biography[edit source]

Candy is a long term editor on Wikipedia, and one of the founders of Wikimedia Botswana Community Usergroup, she is also a former project facilitator with the Wiki loves Women Focus Group Women coaching and supporting different women situated in different countries from Africa empowering them to learn and have the know how to activate open movement communities in their countries contributing to Wikimedia projects focusing mostly on Gender, Diversity and Inclusion projects.