2022:Submissions/Theory, Fact, or Fake: Global Wikipedia Research Trivia Social

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Speaker(s)[edit source]

J. Nathan Matias / cs_natematias
Sarah Gilbert /@CAT SarahGilbert

Abstract[edit source]

Meet others interested in improving Wiki Projects through research and evidence! We’ll be putting to the test what Wikipedians know (and think they know) by asking questions derived from research that’s been conducted on Wikipedia. In a series of team rounds styled after the game “two truths and a lie,” teams will be asked to guess which of three statements are unknowns, and which two are knowns. This event will be full of surprises and laughs for anyone, whether you're new to the movement or think you know everything about Wikipedia.

This 50 minute social event will start with introductions, followed by 25 minutes of trivia in small breakout groups. To prioritize meeting new people, groups will be formed during the event, and you will discuss/debate answers together. Next, we will discuss which revelations were most surprising.

Learning Outcomes[edit source]

Learn facts and theories about global and language Wiki Projects revealed through academic research
Learn about important questions that scholarship has yet to fully answer
Meet and socialize with Wikipedians and researchers who are interested in creating knowledge to serve the Wikimedia movement

Biography[edit source]

Dr. J. Nathan Matias (@cs_natematias) organizes citizen behavioral science for a safer, fairer, more understanding internet. Matias, a Guatemalan-American professor at Cornell University, founded the Citizens and Technology Lab, which has collaborated with many Wikipedia language communities to test the social and behavioral impacts of ideas for improving participation on Wikipedia.

Dr. Sarah Gilbert (@CAT SarahGilbert) is a postdoctoral associate Cornell University and Research Manager of the Citizens and Technology Lab. She studies online communities, looking at topics like what influences participation, how people learn, and volunteer moderation work. This is her first Wikimania!

Materials from the Session[edit | edit source]

A green background with the text reading: "Theory, Fact, or Fake? Global Wikipedia Research Social"
Theory, Fact, or Fake? Slides from our trivia session

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