2022:Submissions/Understanding DEI in Wiki Loves Monuments and federated campaigns at-large

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  • Language: English
  • Status: Live

Speaker(s)[edit source]

Éder Porto
Geoffrey Kateregga
Kimmo Virtanen
Mykola Kozlenko
Mesha Murali (researcher)
Ciell (WLM-i team)

Abstract[edit source]

Wiki Loves Monuments conducted a diversity, equity and inclusivity (DEI) research to re-evaluate the competition’s concept and strategies of engagement. As part of the process, we spoke to our national WLM organisers to understand the roadblocks faced in organising an inclusive photo competition in their respective countries. As part of this Wikimania 2022 we would like to propose a panel discussion on some of the DEI research findings. We feel that some of the DEI issues, highlighted by the organisers, are pertinent across Wiki Loves photo competitions. This Wikimania session would not only facilitate discussion across Wiki Loves campaigns, but also provide a space for Wikimedians to share and learn from each other’s experience.

Learning Outcomes[edit source]

- What DEI means in the context of evaluating a photography competition
- Local contexts and understanding of cultural heritage

Biography[edit source]

- Éder Porto works as Products and Resources manager at User Group Wiki Movimento Brasil. He has been associated with WLM for the past 3 years. More recently, he has also been working on a mobile application for WLM that will make finding and uploading photos for the competition more accessible.
- Geoffrey Kateregga has been a volunteer with Wikimedia Uganda since 2014 and has organised WLM in Uganda since 2017. He has also been associated with other Wiki Loves events such as Wiki Loves Earth and Wiki Loves Africa.
- Kimmo Virtanen is associated with Wikimedia Finland and has worked with wiki lists, categorization, maps etc. and has organised WLM in Finland in the previous years.
- Mesha Murali is a DEI Consultant for Wiki Loves Monuments and has been associated with the project since 2021
- Mykola Kozlenko (User: NickK) is a member of Wiki Loves Monuments Ukraine organising team since 2012 and vice-chair of board of Wikimedia Ukraine.