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Speaker(s)[edit source]

Jimmy Wales, Mehrdad Pourzaki and the Wikimedians of the Year for 2022

Abstract[edit source]

It's back and better than ever!!! The beloved awards return with recognitions in multiple categories, plenty of surprise moments, and unforgettable performances from around the world. Who will be the 2022 Wikimedian of the Year awardees?

This year we will celebrate exceptional community members in categories such as the Newcomer of the Year, and media and tech. Last year's newly-introduced category the 20th Year Honouree, shall be known hereon after as the Wikimedia Laureate, giving the movement a chance to celebrate a long-time community member who has passed the test of time and inspired great successes for others in the process. And of course, the main title of the Wikimedian of the Year. Ever year we also have honourable mentions, reserved for exceptional Wikimedians who may already be quite well-known in the movement or a paid staff of an affiliate.

This year, in a partnership with AffCom, we will also feature two affiliate spotlights, one on governance and the other on partnerships.

Can't wait to celebrate with you all.

Learning Outcomes[edit source]

The public learning about incredible Wikimedians, and Wikimedians learning more about others in the movement, contributing to our mission in unique and wonderful ways.

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