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2022:Submissions/What does decolonizing knowledge look like in Latin America

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  • Language: Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese
  • Status: Live

Speaker(s)[edit source]

Evelin Heidel (WDU)
Sandra Soster (Wiki Movimento Brasil)
Anna Torres Adell (Wikimedia Argentina)
Mónica Bonilla Parra (Wikimedia Colombia)
Patricia Díaz (Wikimedia Chile)
Carlo Brescia (WikiAcción Perú)
TBC: Wikimedia México

Abstract[edit source]

In this workshop, we will explore what “decolonization” might mean in specific contexts, particularly in Latin America. We will briefly share examples of work that each of the chapters has been doing to close technological & digital literacy gaps in different sectors, from education to GLAM. We will invite participants to share their own examples and to collectively reflect on how they can think of decolonizing knowledge in their own context. We will close the session with an activity that makes participants feel powerful actors in crafting and elevating their knowledge.
Throughout this workshop, we will make sure to design engaging activities that participants can interact with, using ice-breakers, collaborative docs and boards, among others.

Learning Outcomes[edit source]

By participating in this session, participants will be able to:
- Learn how different contexts are decolonizing knowledge.
- Reflect on how they can carry out plans to decolonize knowledge in their own context.
- Walk out from the session feeling empowered to take action!

Biography[edit source]

This proposal is being submitted collectively by Wiki Movimento Brasil, Wikimedia Argentina, Wikimedistas de Uruguay, Wikimedia Colombia, Wikimedia Chile and others (TBC). We are respectively the local chapters & user groups of each of the countries listed there.