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2022:Submissions/WikiGLAM in Latam: the challenges that remain

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Patricia Díaz Rubio


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Although its importance, many challenges remain when promoting WikiGLAM or Open GLAM projects in Latin America, even within public institutions that hold cultural assets of general interest.
This presentation seeks to highlight the most recurrent arguments (lack of technical and human resources, fear of losing audiences, misunderstanding of open access policies) that WikiGLAM promoters find among regional cultural institutions when trying to propose open access projects.
The objective of this session is to share experiences and ideas that allow us to create new strategies and new resources to address these challenges from a regional but also a global perspective.

Learning Outcomes

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The expected outcomes of this session are:
- to share a regional perspective around the development of WikiGLAM projects in Latam and their particularities.
- to identify regional common problems or difficulties.
- to develop future common strategies to face these challenges and to keep promoting WikiGLAM projects successfully.


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Patricia Diaz Rubio is a social communicator and cultural heritage specialist based in Santiago, Chile. Since 2018 she leads Wikimedia Chile, where she promotes open community projects and advocates for open culture.