2022:Submissions/Wiki Loves Espírito Santo: A case study

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  • Language: Brazilian Portuguese
  • Status: Pre-recorded

Speaker(s)[edit source]

Rafael Deminicis

Abstract[edit source]

Since 2021, Wiki Movimento Brasil User Group has promoted year long projects called “Wiki Loves a State”. In these projects, a series of dissemination activities and resources are developed to improve coverage of the content on the Wikimedia projects about the state chosen.
In 2021, we developed Wiki Loves Bahia and this year we are promoting Wiki Loves Espírito Santo with activities focusing on the State of Espírito Santo, one of the smallest states on the country, but bigger than Switzerland and very underrepresented on the Wikimedia projects -- and the internet!
This session will expand on what the Wiki Loves Espírito Santo project is and what are its goals, the activities promoted and the results so far. We will also a set of how-to for contributors around the world who might be interested in replicating this kind of activities.
We will make the presentation during one of our outreach activities in Espírito Santo, so as to connect local participants to our global community.

Learning Outcomes[edit source]

Participants will learn the scope of what a “Wiki Loves a State” project is and how it is organized. They will also learn how to map the information gaps in Wiki platforms and be presented with and discuss about a set of activities with the potential to minimize or decrease these gaps.

Biography[edit source]

Rafael Deminicis is a Brazilian archeologist who lives in Vitória (capital of the State of Espírito Santo) and collaborates with the organization of "Wiki Loves Espírito Santo" activities during the year of 2022.