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2022:Submissions/Wikidata for everyone: a methodology to teach different communities

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  • Language: Spanish
  • Status: Live


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Carla Toro


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Even though its importance, Wikidata has not been quite explored in Latin America yet; however, the project has an enormous potential to motivate and to engage new communities with an interest on contributing to Wikimedia, as Wikimedia Chile learned during the first version of its practical course Data for collaborative knowledge (2021). During this experience, our chapter developed its own learning methodology that allowed us to teach Wikidata to different public and with different level of skills, as well to better understand the perceptions that participants had regarding the project, and how they used it at the end. The objective of this session is to share the learning process of this teaching experience so chapters, user groups or Wikimedia volunteers can replicate it with their communities.

Learning Outcomes

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Identify the potential of Wikidata as a project to activate new communities
Reflect on why Wikidata is thought to be difficult to learn
Learn the methodology used in the course, so it can be replicated


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Carla Toro Fernández, Community Support Officer at Wikimedia Chile. Science communicator and Wikidata enthusiastic.