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2022:Submissions/Wikimedia Sound Logo Roundtable

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  • Status: Live


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Tas Elias
Mathoto Matsetela-Hartmann


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The Wikimedia Sound Logo team at the Wikimedia Foundation has completed key aspects of the contest with support from the volunteer community over the past 18 months. Staff from our Communications Department will be present to host an open conversation, sharing more about the contest and asking volunteers for their questions, input, and ideas. We welcome Wikimedians of all experience levels to attend. This will be an open discussion format with a very brief \presentation\ section.

Learning Outcomes

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We want to ensure that all participants have the ability to speak and contribute during this Roundtable. As an outcome, we would like volunteers to feel more informed, involved and, alongside the Sound Logo Production Masterclass, suitably equipped to both participate in and enrich the contest.


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The Sound Logo team is happy to share key aspects of the Wikimedia Sound Logo contest. This is a global open contest based on our practices of visual logo contests in the movement and considers exciting new parameters relating to sound logos and audio production.