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This page is a translated version of the page 2023:Accommodation and the translation is 2% complete.

This page is for event participants finding accommodation themselves, not scholarship recipients or Wikimedia Foundation staff. Scholarship recipients and Wikimedia Foundation staff will be hosted at a designated hotel near Suntec Convention Centre, mainly in the Kampong Glam area.

Public transport directions from Singapore Changi Airport to some hotels

ParcRoyal on Beach Road

The closest train station to alight for Park Royal Hotel on Beach Road, there are two, one slightly further than the other: Nicoll Highway MRT station (Circle line/Yellow, CC5) and Bugis MRT interchange (Downtown line/Blue|East-west line/Green, DT14/EW12).

To travel to the hotel via the MRT train service, you will have to take the train from Changi Airport heading towards Tanah Merah MRT interchange. Pulling into Tenah Merah MRT interchange in the middle platform, you will have to alight and take the train going towards Tuas Link, Joo Koon, or Boon Lay MRT stations.

The train going towards Tuas Link, Joo Koon, or Boon Lay stations should be on the left of the train when pulling into Tanah Merah station.

Bugis MRT station is further from the hotel by a couple of hundred meters than Nicoll Highway MRT station. It is an underground station.

However, it is on the line of the train service which you will be boarding at Tanah Merah station.

Therefore no further transfer is required. If you take Exit B of the station, we suggest walking along Rochor Road, then Beach Road towards the hotel as there is currently road works at Ophir Road which may make the walking experience unpleasant along that road.

To shorten your exposure to the hot weather above ground, we suggest walking towards Exit E or F instead, which will bring you to a mixed residence development, Duo located on Beach Road. As Exit E/F is in the middle of the development, we recommend that you ask a local for directions to the hotel, or at least Beach Road.

Nicoll Highway MRT station is a second option. However, it is one that we don't recommend if you are using luggage and dislike using overhead pedestrian bridges.

Nicoll Highway MRT station requires a transfer at Paya Lebar MRT interchange, which is also on the East-west Line.

At Paya Lebar MRT station, you will have to walk from the above ground platform where you will alight from the train from the airport, then proceed to the underground platform for the Circle line. Take the train service that is heading towards Dhoby Ghaut or Marina Bay MRT stations.

Alight at Nicoll Highway MRT station and take Exit A. Walk onto the overhead bridge that will be right in front of you as that is the only way to get across the highway.

There is an upriding escalator, and also a lift as well. Along the bridge, there is an exit, but that goes into the Concourse. Then there is another exit to the first floor. There should be escalators in both directions, and also a lift. Take this exit. Thereafter, walk along Java Road, then turn right on Beach Road towards the hotel.

Village Hotel Bugis

The following is a list of hotels and hostels that you can consider.

To be closer to the scholars and staff, consider hotels/hostels in the accommodation areas in the following order:

  1. Rochor - Kampong Glam and Kallang - Crawford
  2. Downtown Core - Bugis and Kallang - Lavender
  3. Rochor - Bencoolen and Rochor - Victoria

These hotels are within walking distances of the hotels in which the scholars and staff are being booked. We are unable to offer rooms in the hotels in which the scholars and staff are being booked at due to capacity limits at these hotels.

To be closer to the conference venue:

  1. Downtown Core - Marina Centre
  2. Downtown Core - Clifford Pier
  3. Downtown Core - City Hall
Hotel Name Accomodation Type Accomodation Area Hotel Address Hotel Postal Code Hotel Tel No. Website URL Number of Rooms Size
30 BENCOOLEN Hotel Rochor - Bencoolen 30 BENCOOLEN STREET S(189621) +6563372882 www.30bencoolen.com.sg 131 Medium
7 Wonders Hostel Backpackers Hostel Kallang - Lavender 257 Jalan Besar S(208930) +6567742949 5 Small
ABC HOSTEL Backpackers Hostel Rochor - Kampong Glam 3  Jalan Kubor (1st Storey) S(199201) +6562981611 www.abchostel.com.sg 23 Small
Aliwal Park Hotel Hotel Rochor - Kampong Glam 77 Aliwal Street S(199948) +6562939022 53 Small
Andaz Singapore Hotel Downtown Core - Bugis 5 FRASER STREET S(189354) +6564081234 https://singapore.andaz.hyatt.com 347 Large
AQUEEN Hotel - Lavender Hotel Kallang - Lavender 139 LAVENDER STREET THE QUAY HOTEL LAVENDER S(338739) +6563957788 www.aqueenhotels.com 103 Medium
ARABIC INN Backpackers Hostel Rochor - Kampong Glam 48 ARAB STREET KAMPONG @ ARAB S(199745) +6591749565 6 Small
Arcadia Hotel Hotel Kallang - Lavender 32 Hamilton Road S(209201) +6567180700 www.arcadiahotel.com.sg 36 Small
Arena Esports Hotel Backpackers Hostel Rochor - Victoria 166A ROCHOR ROAD S(188441) +6590088348 76 Small
Ark Hostel Backpackers Hostel Kallang - Kampong Bugis 83B Geylang Road S(389200) +6568464741 31 Small
Arton Hotel Hotel Kallang - Lavender 176 Tyrwhitt Road S(207576) +6565719100 www.artonhotel.com 109 Medium
Asphodel Inn Hotel Kallang - Lavender 380 Race Course Road (Level 2) S(218702) +6562969298 www.asph.com.sg 55 Small
Atlantis @ 531 Backpackers Hostel Kallang - Lavender 531 SERANGOON ROAD S(218163) +6565399985 28 Small
Backpacker Cozy Corner Guesthouse Hotel Downtown Core - Bugis 490 North Bridge Road (Level 2) S(188736) +6563388826 www.cozycornerguest.com 15 Small
Beary Best! Hostel Kampong Glam Backpackers Hostel Rochor - Kampong Glam 64 ARAB STREET, # 00-00 S(199761) +6588148509 www.bearybesthostel.com 4 Small
Beary Best! Hostel Lavender Backpackers Hostel Kallang - Lavender 243 LAVENDER STREET S(338785) +6590497018 7 Small
BEAT. Sports Hostel Backpackers Hostel Kallang - Lavender 290A Jalan Besar S(208953) +6562915238 www.beathostel.co 13 Small
Beverly Hotels Elements Hotel Kallang - Lavender 48 HORNE ROAD LIAN SOON BUILDING S(209069) +6565928188 50 Small
Blanc Inn Backpackers Hostel Kallang - Lavender 151 Tyrwhitt Road S(207564) +6567072368 www.inn.com.sg 4 Small
Bluewaters Pod Backpackers Hostel Downtown Core - Bugis 2 TAN QUEE LAN STREET, # 02-01 ATLANTIS PODS @ BUGIS S(188091) +6583333680 5 Small
Carlton Hotel Hotel Downtown Core - City Hall 76 Bras Basah Road S(189558) +6563388333 www.carltonhotel.sg 940 Large
Checkers Hostel @ Beach Road Hotel Rochor - Kampong Glam 285 BEACH ROAD S(199550) +6562919158 23 Small
Classique Hotel Hotel Kallang - Lavender 240 Jalan Besar , # 01-01 S(208913) +6563923838 www.classiquehotel.com.sg 42 Small
Coliwoo Hotel Gay World Hotel Kallang - Kampong Bugis 115 GEYLANG ROAD S(389218) +6563688328 27 Small
Conrad Centennial Singapore Hotel Downtown Core - Marina Centre 2 Temasek Boulevard S(038982) +6563348888 singapore.conradmeetings.com 512 Large
Coziee Lodge Backpackers Hostel Kallang - Kampong Bugis 77A Geylang Road S(389198) +6568464358 http://cozieelodge.com/ 5 Small
Cube @ Kampong Glam Backpackers Hostel Rochor - Kampong Glam 55 BUSSORAH STREET S(199471) +6562911696 7 Small
D'Nova Hotel Hotel Downtown Core - Bugis 14 PURVIS STREET LION PEAK HOTEL PURVIS S(188593) +6562526122 32 Small
Dream Chaser Backpackers Hostel Rochor - Kampong Glam 38 SULTAN GATE S(198486) +6588186258 20 Small
DUKE Hostel Backpackers Hostel Kallang - Kampong Bugis 135 GEYLANG ROAD JOYFOR SINGAPORE S(389226) +6587879174 17 Small
Fairmont, Singapore Hotel Downtown Core - City Hall 80 Bras Basah Road S(189560) +6564316338 www.fairmont.com/singapore 778 Large
Fragrance Hotel - Lavender Hotel Kallang - Lavender 51 Lavender Street S(338710) +6562947888 www.fragrancehotel.com 35 Small
Garden Pod @ Gardens By The Bay Hotel Marina South - Marina South 18 MARINA GARDENS DRIVE GARDENS BY THE BAY S(018953) +6597906755 4 Small
Grand Park City Hall Hotel Downtown Core - City Hall 10 Coleman Street S(179809) +6563363456 www.parkhotelgroup.com 343 Large
GREENDILI BACKPACKERS HOSTEL Backpackers Hostel Kallang - Lavender 427 RACE COURSE ROAD GREENDILI BACKPACKERS HOSTEL S(218673) +6591749565 9 Small
Harbour Ville Hotel Hamilton Hotel Kallang - Lavender 40 HAMILTON ROAD S(209210) +6562712771 43 Small
Heritage Collection on Arab Hotel Rochor - Kampong Glam 78 ARAB STREET S(199775) +6562237155 https://hericoll.com/ 11 Small
Heritage Collection on Seah Hotel Downtown Core - Bugis 39 SEAH STREET S(188395) +6562237155 17 Small
Hi Hotel Hotel Rochor - Kampong Glam 11 JALAN KLAPA XY HOTEL BUGIS BY ASANDA HOTELS AND RESORTS S(199323) +6597788911 15 Small
Holiday Inn Express Singapore Serangoon Hotel Kallang - Lavender 270 JALAN BESAR S(209019) +6563260500 119 Medium
Hotel 165 Hotel Kallang - Lavender 165 Kitchener Road S(208532) +6563924855 68 Small
Hotel 81 - Bugis Hotel Downtown Core - Bugis 31 Middle Road S(188995) +6563398181 www.hotel81.com.sg 88 Small
Hotel 81 - Elegance Hotel Kallang - Lavender 30 Foch Road , # 01-01 S(209276) +6563968181 www.hotel81.com.sg 120 Medium
Hotel 81 - Heritage Hotel Rochor - Kampong Glam 71 Jalan Sultan Road S(198985) +6562978181 www.hotel81.com.sg 64 Small
Hotel 81 - Lavender Hotel Kallang - Lavender 85 Lavender Street S(338716) +6567648181 www.hotel81.com.sg 85 Small
Hotel 81 - Violet Hotel Kallang - Lavender 97 Lavender Street S(338722) +6562968181 www.hotel81.com.sg 49 Small
Hotel Bencoolen Hotel Rochor - Bencoolen 47 Bencoolen Street S(189626) +6563360822 www.hotelbencoolen.com 84 Small
Hotel Boss Hotel Kallang - Lavender 500 Jalan Sultan S(199020) +6568090000 www.hotelboss.sg 1,500 Large
Hotel Calmo Bugis Hotel Downtown Core - Bugis 95 BEACH ROAD S(189699) +6591468003 33 Small
Hotel Clover 769 North Bridge Road Hotel Rochor - Kampong Glam 769 NORTH BRIDGE ROAD HOTEL CLOVER 769 NORTH BRIDGE ROAD S(198737) +6563401860 35 Small
Hotel Fort Canning Hotel Museum - Fort Canning 11 Canning Walk S(178881) +6565596770 www.hfcsingapore.com 86 Small
Hotel G Singapore Hotel Rochor - Bencoolen 200 MIDDLE ROAD BIG HOTEL S(188980) +6568097988 http://www.hotelgsingapore.com/ 308 Large
Hotel Grand Pacific Hotel Rochor - Victoria 101 Victoria Street S(188018) +6563360811 www.hotelgrandpacific.com.sg 240 Medium
HOTEL JJH Hotel Rochor - Kampong Glam 747 NORTH BRIDGE ROAD S(198715) +6588822120 25 Small
Hotel Mi Hotel Rochor - Bencoolen 41 BENCOOLEN STREET, # 01-01 S(189623) +6562518822 www.hotelmi.com 342 Large
Hotel Nuve Hotel Rochor - Kampong Glam 11 Jalan Pinang S(199143) +6562995975 www.hotelnuve.com 43 Small
Hotel NuVe Heritage Hotel Downtown Core - Bugis 13 PURVIS STREET ADONIS HOTEL S(188592) +6597931043 19 Small
Hotel NuVe Stellar Hotel Kallang - Lavender 230 JALAN BESAR AQUEEN - JALAN BESAR HOTEL S(208906) +6564260999 www.hotelnuvestellar.com 75 Small
Hotel NuVe Urbane Hotel Kallang - Lavender 3 KING GEORGE'S AVENUE S(208582) +6563725299 62 Small
Hotel Royal @ Queens Hotel Rochor - Victoria 12 Queen Street S(188553) +6567259988 www.royalqueens.com.sg 236 Medium
Hotel Snow Lavender Hotel Kallang - Lavender 26 CAVAN ROAD, # 01-01 HOTEL SNOW LAVENDER S(209854) +6562936005 32 Small
Hotel Traveltine Hotel Kallang - Crawford 700 BEACH ROAD 700 BEACH S(199598) +6566792002 300 Large
Hotel Yan Hotel Kallang - Lavender 162 Tyrwhitt Road S(207681) +6568051955 www.hotel-yan.com 69 Small
ibis budget Singapore Bugis Hotel Downtown Core - Bugis 33 Middle Road S(188942) +6563369888 www.ibisbudget-singapore.com 84 Small
ibis budget Singapore Imperial Hotel Kallang - Lavender 28 Penhas Road S(208187) +6562979888 www.ibisbudget-singapore.com 74 Small
Ibis Singapore on Bencoolen Hotel Rochor - Victoria 170 Bencoolen Street S(189657) +6565932888 www.ibishotel.com/6557 538 Large
ibis Styles Singapore Albert Hotel Rochor - Bencoolen 175 Albert Street S(189970) +6563376888 ibisstyles-singapore-albert.com 172 Medium
InterContinental Singapore Hotel Downtown Core - Bugis 80 Middle Road S(188966) +6563387600 http://singapore.intercontinental.com/ 403 Large
J8 Hotel Hotel Kallang - Lavender 8 Townshend Road S(207606) +6565719112 www.j8hotel.com 96 Small
JW Marriott Hotel Singapore South Beach Hotel Downtown Core - City Hall 30 Beach Road S(189763) +6568181888 jwmarriottsingapore.com 634 Large
K HOTEL ALIWAL Hotel Rochor - Kampong Glam 10 ALIWAL STREET JAMILLA BOUTIQUE INN S(199903) +6591468003 53 Small
K Space Inn 569 Backpackers Hostel Kallang - Lavender 569 SERANGOON ROAD 60'S HOSTEL S(218184) +6591468003 7 Small
Kam Leng Hotel Hotel Kallang - Lavender 383 Jalan Besar   S(209001) +6562399399 www.kamleng.com 70 Small
Lion Peak Hotel Bugis Hotel Downtown Core - Bugis 103 BEACH ROAD MARRISON HOTEL S(189704) +6563339928 96 Small
Lion Peak Hotel Hamilton Hotel Kallang - Lavender 35 HAMILTON ROAD AQUEEN PRESTIGE HOTEL - LAVENDER S(209204) +6587601606 72 Small
Lion Peak Hotel Raffles Hotel Downtown Core - Bugis 23 MIDDLE ROAD POPULOUS HOTEL S(188933) +6562569983 80 Small
lyf Funan Singapore Hotel Downtown Core - City Hall 67 HILL STREET S(179370) +6567369789 329 Large
Mandarin Oriental, Singapore Hotel Downtown Core - Marina Centre 5 Raffles Avenue Marina Square S(039797) +6563380066 527 Large
Meadows Hostel Backpackers Hostel Kallang - Lavender 7A Hamilton Road S(209178) +6591062523 6 Small
Mercure Singapore Bugis Hotel Rochor - Bencoolen 122 MIDDLE ROAD MIDLINK PLAZA S(188973) +6565216088 395 Large
Mercure Singapore Tyrwhitt Hotel Kallang - Lavender 165 Tyrwhitt Road S(207569) +6563401188 mercure-singapore-tyrwhitt.com 270 Medium
Moni Gallery Hostel Backpackers Hostel Kallang - Lavender 263 Lavender Street S(338795) +6562976290 www.monigalleryhostel.com 9 Small
Naumi Hotel Downtown Core - Bugis 41 SEAH STREET NAUMI S(188396) +6564036000 73 Small
New Society Backpacker Backpackers Hostel Kallang - Lavender 259A Jalan Besar S(208934) +6562980188 4 Small
Oxford Hotel Hotel Rochor - Victoria 218 Queen Street S(188549) +6563322222 www.oxfordhotel.com.sg 134 Medium
Pan Pacific Serviced Suites Beach Road Hotel Kallang - Crawford 7500B Beach Road S(199592) +6566788888 180 Medium
Park View Hotel Hotel Downtown Core - Bugis 81 Beach Road S(189692) +6563388558 www.parkview.com.sg 88 Small
PARKROYAL COLLECTION  Marina Bay, Singapore Hotel Downtown Core - Marina Centre 6 RAFFLES BOULEVARD MARINA SQUARE S(039594) +6568451000 583 Large
PARKROYAL on Kitchener Road Hotel Kallang - Lavender 181 Kitchener Road S(208533) +6564283000 www.parkroyalhotels.com 542 Large
Peninsula.Excelsior Hotel Hotel Downtown Core - City Hall 5 Coleman Street S(179805) +6563372200 www.ytchotels.com.sg 591 Large
Raffles Hotel Singapore Hotel Downtown Core - City Hall 1 Beach Road S(189673) +6563371886 www.raffleshotel.com 115 Medium
Rendezvous Hotel Singapore Hotel Museum - Bras Basah 9 Bras Basah Road S(189559) +6563360220 http://www.stayfareast.com 298 Medium
Rest Bugis Hotel Hotel Rochor - Kampong Glam 8 JALAN KUBOR SANTA GRAND HOTEL BUGIS S(199207) +6585487118 74 Small
Rucksack Inn @ Tyrwhitt Backpackers Hostel Kallang - Lavender 153A TYRWHITT ROAD QINAN BUILDING S(207566) +6569083713 7 Small
Singapore OSS Backpackers Hostel Pte Ltd Backpackers Hostel Kallang - Lavender 9 HAMILTON ROAD, # 01-01 S(209180) +6594575613 9 Small
South East Asia Hotel Hotel Rochor - Victoria 190 Waterloo Street S(187965) +6563382394 www.seahotel.com.sg 51 Small
Spacepod@Lavender Backpackers Hostel Kallang - Lavender 111J King George's Avenue S(208559) +6566832924 8 Small
ST Signature Bugis Beach Hotel Downtown Core - Bugis 85 BEACH ROAD 85 BEACH GARDEN HOTEL S(189694) +6585875718 38 Small
Strand Hotel Hotel Rochor - Bencoolen 25 Bencoolen Street S(189619) +6563381866 www.strandhotel.com.sg 130 Medium
Summer View Hotel Hotel Rochor - Bencoolen 173  Bencoolen Street S(189642) +6563381122 www.summerviewhotel.com.sg 86 Small
Swissotel The Stamford, Singapore Hotel Downtown Core - City Hall 2 Stamford Road S(178882) +6563388585 1,252 Large
Tai Hoe Hotel Hotel Kallang - Lavender 163 Kitchener Road S(208538) +6562939122 www.taihoehotel.com 73 Small
The Capitol Kempinski Hotel Singapore Hotel Downtown Core - City Hall 15 STAMFORD ROAD THE CAPITOL KEMPINSKI HOTEL SINGAPORE S(178906) +6563688888 kempinski.com/Singapore 157 Medium
The Fullerton Bay Hotel Hotel Downtown Core - Clifford Pier 80 Collyer Quay S(049326) +6563338388 www.fullertonhotels.com 98 Small
The Fullerton Hotel Hotel Downtown Core - Clifford Pier 1 Fullerton Square S(049178) +6567338388 www.fullertonhotels.com 399 Large
The Hive Singapore Hostel Backpackers Hostel Kallang - Lavender 624 SERANGOON ROAD THE HIVE S(218223) +6563415041 13 Small
The Hive@bugis Backpackers Hostel Kallang - Lavender 5 JALAN PINANG TREE IN LODGE S(199137) +6591820426 24 Small
The Noble Hotel Hotel Kallang - Lavender 407 JALAN BESAR THE NOBLE HOTEL S(209012) +6568170638 30 Small
The Pod Backpackers Hostel Rochor - Kampong Glam 289 Beach Road  , # 03-01 S(199552) +6562988505 www.thepodcapsulehotel.com 15 Small
The Ritz-Carlton, Millenia Singapore Hotel Downtown Core - Marina Centre 7 Raffles Avenue S(039799) +6563378888 www.ritzcarlton.com/en/Properties/Singapore/Default.htm 608 Large
The Sultan Hotel Rochor - Kampong Glam 101 Jalan Sultan S(199002) +6567237101 http://thesultan.com.sg 61 Small
The Westin Singapore Hotel Downtown Core - Central 12 Marina View   Asia Square Tower 2 S(018961) +6569226888 http://www.thewestinsingapore.com 305 Large
Traveller@sg Backpackers Hostel Kallang - Lavender 111H King George's Avenue S(208559) +6566832674 7 Small
V Hotel Bencoolen Hotel Rochor - Victoria 48 Bencoolen Street S(189627) +6563882233 www.vhotel.sg 272 Medium
V Hotel Lavender Hotel Kallang - Lavender 70 Jellicoe Road S(208767) +6563452233 www.vhotel.sg 888 Large
Victoria Hotel Hotel Rochor - Victoria 87 VICTORIA STREET VICTORIA HOTEL S(188016) +6565506088 victoriahotel.com.sg 89 Small
Village Hotel Albert Court Hotel Rochor - Bencoolen 180 Albert Street S(189971) +6563393939 www.StayFarEast.com/VillageAlbertCourt 210 Medium
Weave Suites - Midtown Hotel Rochor - Kampong Glam 33 JALAN SULTAN S(198965) +6597818953 65 Small

For full list of hotels, hostels and other accommodation types in Singapore, visit Hotel Licensing Board. Note: The list is curated, the information is provided as it was extracted from HLB on 7 May 2023.


If you are self funding your travel to Singapore, you may have an option to discuss room sharing at the 2023 talk:Accommodation page. Kindly do not post any personal data on the talk page.