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Win a trophy!

At Wikimania Singapore, we're looking to find the Movement's top Wiki Racers. Everyone is invited!

About[edit | edit source]

Have you ever played in a "Wikipedia Race" ? It's a game where people compete to "click" from one Wikipedia article to another using only the hyperlinks on each article. The goal is to use the fewest number of clicks. Sometimes it's called WikiClick, sometimes it's called Wikiladders, sometimes it's called Wikispeedia, but the goals is always the same!

Event details[edit | edit source]

  • Time: 8 PM
  • Location: Ballroom at Parkroyal Beach Road

What you need[edit | edit source]

Competition format[edit | edit source]

  1. Introduction & welcome - 5 minutes
  2. Warm-up - Practice round to get a feel for the game - 10 minutes
  3. Ranking round - Open round to sort all competitors. The top 4 competitors will move forward from this time. - 20 minutes
  4. Final four - Top 4 competitors will compete to win. - 12 minutes
  5. Winners announced - Trophies awarded for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place - 5 minutes