2023:Meetups/DCW and Aligned Wikimedians Meetup

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Feel free to ask the organizers if you have any questions regarding the program.

DCW and Aligned Wikimedians Meetup[edit | edit source]

Description[edit | edit source]

This is a meetup for and by Wikimedians with vision and contributions relevant to the DCW.

Expected type of participants or demographic[edit | edit source]

Wikimedians with interests on Muslim academia, history, culture, heritage, and scholarship. Cross-cultural Wikimedians who are interested in global leadership and skills infrastructure.

Contact person[edit | edit source]


Date and Time (From hh:mm to hh:mm UTC+8 )[edit | edit source]

19 August 13:15 - 13:45

Time length[edit | edit source]

30 minutes

Room[edit | edit source]

Room 325

Agenda[edit | edit source]

Social activity, collaborations, skills infrastructure, Deoband Yoruba Collaborative Project updates, DCW-Rwanda User Group Ideas

Are there remote participants dialing in?[edit | edit source]

Maybe?. Depending on the situation, we will facilitate the virtual facility.

Interested participants[edit | edit source]