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Title: Commons Categorizer Meetup 2023


Matti Blume (User:MB-one)

Multimedia-oriented Wikimedian

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Room: Room 326

Start time: Fri, 18 Aug 2023 18:00:00 +0800

End time: Fri, 18 Aug 2023 19:00:00 +0800

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Track: Community Initiatives

Submission state: confirmed

Duration: 60 minutes

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Abstract & description[edit source]

Abstract[edit source]

Annual meeting of Wikimedians interested in Wikimedia Commons categories and structured data for Commons

Description[edit source]

Wikimedia Commons hosts a great treasure of media files about almost any topic imaginable. But currently most of these are almost invisible due to a lack of categorization or description. The Commons Categorizer community aims to make every file visible and usable to anyone. Since 2016 ist has been a tradition for this community to meet during Wikimania and discuss the practice and future of Wikimedia Commons.

The session is of course open to anyone interested in the topic. Following a brief update on Structured Data for Commons, participants are invited to share experiences (tools, structures, workflows, etc.) about the practice of categories and structured data on Wikimedia Commons.

Further details[edit source]

Qn. How does your session relate to the event themes: Diversity, Collaboration Future?

The Commons Categorizer community is open to anyone, who is interested in exploring the treasure, that is Wikimedia Commons. The session aims to foster collaboration between community members through on- and off-wiki dialogue. New experiences will be shared by the participants with their respective communities, multiplying the positive effects into the future.

Qn. What is the experience level needed for the audience for your session?

Everyone can participate in this session

Qn. What is the most appropriate format for this session?

  • Tick Onsite in Singapore
  • Empty Remote online participation, livestreamed
  • Empty Remote from a satellite event
  • Empty Hybrid with some participants in Singapore and others dialing in remotely
  • Empty Pre-recorded and available on demand