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Title: Collaboration is the Key to Unlocking Innovation – A Cross-Affiliate Collaboration to Build an Innovation Format for the Movement


Lucia Obst

My name is Lucia Obst and I am program manager at Wikimedia Deutschland, the German chapter of Wikimedia. Together with my colleagues I implement the strategy “innovation engine”. This builds upon the Movement Strategy’s recommendation #9 – Innovate in Free Knowledge – and includes the creation of an inclusive environment in which potential innovations and synergies within the international movement are promoted, in which innovation and innovators can grow, and experimentation with new products and services for Free Knowledge is facilitated. Image: Luobst, LuciaObst, CC BY-SA 4.0

Ivana Madžarević

Ivana Madžarević is the Executive Director of Wikimedia Serbia with more than nine years of experience in project management, strategic planning, capacity building, event management and working with volunteers. Over the years, Ivana has been active in the Wikimedia movement both locally and globally, lately focusing on cross-regional collaboration and making an impact with diverse campaigns.

Carolina Padró

Carolina Padró leads the institutional development of Wikimedia Argentina, where she is responsible for supporting the strategic planning of the organization’s operations. She has experience in capacity building activities, project writing, as well as monitoring and final evaluation of project implementation. Carolina works horizontally with all of Wikimedia Argentina’s programs and also works on specific projects within the Culture and Open Knowledge Program of Wikimedia Argentina.

Winnie Kabintie

Winnie Kabintie is a member of the Wikimedia Community User Group Kenya. She is a Wikipedia Editor and Community Organizer passionate about championing Media and Information literacy, Gender Equity, Human Rights and Social Change. She enjoys writing biographies of notable women in Africa on EnWiki. She joined the Wikipedia Community in September 2019, during the East Africa Strategy Summit 2019, in Kampala, where she got to learn more about the movement and as a free knowledge champion.

Antoni Mtavangu

Cofounder-Wikimedia Tanzania, One of the EARTH core team members

Douglas Ssebaggala

Douglas Ssebaggala is a member of the Wikimedia Community User Group Uganda.

Carol Mwaura

A Librarian and Wikipedian from Kenya and a Co-Founder of the Wikimedia Community User Group Kenya. Passionate about free open free knowledge. I focus on bridging the gender gaps on Wikipedia for Kenya.

Angie Cervellera (WMAR)

Angie Cervellera was born in Buenos Aires City, Argentina. She studied arts (Universidad Nacional de las Artes), cultural management (Universidad Argentina de la Empresa) and is specialized in museums (Universidad de Buenos Aires and Instituto Liderazgo en Museos). She has taken several courses on arts and curation, heritage, education and project management. She has experience working in public and private institutions as regards public and educational programs and cultural agenda coordination. Since 2020 she is in charge of the Culture and Open Knowledge Program at Wikimedia Argentina, where she develops activities with museums, archives, libraries, governmental entities and others related to the conservation, dissemination and production of open knowledge in digital environments. File:Jornada_Santa_Fe_archivos_fotográficos_WMAR_02.jpg

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Start time: Sat, 19 Aug 2023 12:00:00 +0800

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Abstract & description[edit source]

Abstract[edit source]

Innovation happens through collaboration. Therefore, we have set up our biggest cross-affiliate collaboration yet to build a new innovation format in service of the global Wikimedia Movement. In this session, you will learn about our do’s and don’ts in this pan-Movement endeavor and hear about the first concepts we have developed as a joint force.

Description[edit source]

Collaboration and innovation are one of the key drivers in guiding us towards our future – Wikimedia 2030. We should not approach them as separate efforts as they feed and build upon each other: Innovation happens through collaboration. Therefore, we have set up a cross-affiliate collaboration with the aim to explore innovation formats that will strengthen the innovative capacity of our Movement, and support the growth of innovative ideas that hold the power to catapult our Movement to the future. The core process team includes Wikimedia Community User Group Kenya, Wikimedia Community User Group Tanzania, Wikimedia Community User Group Uganda, Wikimedia Argentina, Wikimedia Deutschland, and Wikimedia Serbia. Many other stakeholders will be involved throughout. Together, we are defining the core challenges that our Movement faces when innovating; we will offer specific solutions and test some of our ideas together with local communities. The output will be a proposed concept for a new innovation program that stands in service of the global Wikimedia Movement. Join our panel discussion with all core international collaborators involved and learn more about our approach and about our do’s and don’ts in this pan-Movement endeavor. Participants will also learn about the first ideas and concepts for an innovation format that were developed throughout this collaboration.

Further details[edit source]

Qn. How does your session relate to the event themes: Diversity, Collaboration Future?

Our proposed session covers all event themes: - Diversity: This cross-affiliate collaboration is a truly diverse setup. We are a group of people coming from different cultures, backgrounds and communities across the global Movement. We will use this to enrich our collaboration with different insights and perspectives. And we wish to share our learnings of such a rich setup and inspire other members of the Movement. - Collaboration: In our collaboration, we thrive on learning from each other and exchanging skills, knowledge and other resources so we all gain new competencies and are able to expand our impact, involvement, and contribution to the whole Movement. However, the benefits of this collaboration expand beyond our core team, since we’re planning on reaching out to various stakeholders and communities in the Movement and exploring where innovation truly lies. This session in itself will be an opportunity to involve a larger group of Movement members in our journey of setting up a new innovation format, adding their feedback to our work. In this way, the collaboration goes both ways. - Future: The core work of this collaboration is innovation and how we – as a Movement – can stay innovative in the future. It is a direct response to recommendation number 9, “Innovate in Free Knowledge”, of the Movement Strategy. The desired outcome of this initiative is to create something tangible and usable in the future that the Movement will benefit from directly, such as a new innovation service or program. This session will be an opportunity to discuss our efforts on this strategic endeavor and to involve the ideas of our session participants.

Qn. What is the experience level needed for the audience for your session?

Everyone can participate in this session

Qn. What is the most appropriate format for this session?

  • Tick Onsite in Singapore
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