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Title: Hausa Culture: traditional cuisine, dressing and party



I am Wikimedia editor with most of my contributions from Hausa Wikipedia. I am 28yrs old and a graduate from Umaru Musa Yardua University, currently studying Msc in Geography. I dedicate most of my free time engaging in Wikimedia activities mainly creating articles, editing and perfecting pages in both Hausa and English, as well as Commons, Wikitionary and Wikiquote. I am also an administrator on Hausa Wikimedia and thus I have first hamd experience with many aspects of my local Wiki.

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Type: Entertainment session

Track: GLAM, Heritage, and Culture

Submission state: submitted

Duration: 30 minutes

Do not record: false

Presentation language: en

Abstract & description[edit source]

Abstract[edit source]

The Hausa is an ethnic group rich in culture and heritage, with their own way of life, modes of dressing, art, history etc. This project will show one of the major Hausa cuisine, dress, art among others.

Description[edit source]

To showcase the rich Hausa culture during the 2023 Wikimania event

Further details[edit source]

Qn. How does your session relate to the event themes: Diversity, Collaboration Future?

This presentation will highlight Hausa culture for diversity which is diminishing with time due to western influences and images will therefore be added to commons for future use

Qn. What is the experience level needed for the audience for your session?

Everyone can participate in this session

Qn. What is the most appropriate format for this session?

  • Empty Onsite in Singapore
  • Empty Remote online participation, livestreamed
  • Empty Remote from a satellite event
  • Empty Hybrid with some participants in Singapore and others dialing in remotely
  • Tick Pre-recorded and available on demand