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Title: Shifting mindsets - trust, learning and power dynamics


Kassia Echavarri-Queen

Hello everyone! I am excited to have joined the Wikimedia Movement and the Foundation in June 2020. Previously I worked at Thoughtworks as a Principal Consultant advising both nonprofit and for-profit clients on how to define, structure and build the organizational and technical capabilities needed to implement modern digital strategies. I have spent the bulk of my career at Médecins Sans Frontières/Doctors Without Borders (MSF). I began my work with MSF in 2006 in Sierra Leone, having previously worked in marketing and strategy for technology companies, start-ups, and the Fritz Institute. In the years that followed, I worked extensively in a wide range of projects with MSF and as Country Director in Guatemala, South Sudan, and Syria. I was an elected volunteer member of MSF USA’s Board of Directors until 2022.

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Type: Roundtable / open discussion

Track: Governance

Submission state: submitted

Duration: 90 minutes

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Abstract & description[edit source]

Abstract[edit source]

In our community facing work, a mindset of trust, learning and the appreciation of power dynamics are very important. Acknowledging power dynamics exist in all communities, we want to facilitate a conversation where people from around the world share how they approach shifting power dynamics in their communities to move towards the strategic direction.

Description[edit source]

We will begin the session with a case study: discussing what we have learned about creating a partnership relationship, focused on learning and trust after two years of implementation of the new foundation funds strategy.

We will then shift to a facilitated round table discussion on how shifting power dynamics is approached in different contexts and regions ; an opportunity to understand how power dynamics are managed outside of the wikimedia movement and what kind of best practices can we learn and share across the movement. What have been useful learnings from communities around building trust and shifting power. Where do we have blindspots when it comes to power balance? The objective would be to capture these learnings to be used as resources/tools as we implement movement strategy recommendations around the globe.

Further details[edit source]

Qn. How does your session relate to the event themes: Diversity, Collaboration Future?

Directly related to working together to find path ways to successfully be a diverse and collaborative movement -- in the future. Power dynamics impact every aspect of the future we are trying to build towards the future of our movement. The mindsets of partnership and trust are key to any conversation about a shift in power dynamics.

Qn. What is the experience level needed for the audience for your session?

Everyone can participate in this session

Qn. What is the most appropriate format for this session?

  • Empty Onsite in Singapore
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  • Tick Hybrid with some participants in Singapore and others dialing in remotely
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