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2023:Program/WikiWomen/VMN3MD-Collaborative on-wiki events planning at Women in Red's Virtual Ideas Cafe

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Title: Collaborative on-wiki events planning at Women in Red's Virtual Ideas Cafe


Rosie Stephenson-Goodknight

Rosie is a member of the WMF Board of Trustees, serving as the chair of its Talent & Culture Committee. She is also a Visiting Scholar at Northeastern University (Boston) where she focuses on pre-20th-century women writers and their works. She’s a long-time editor in English Wikipedia, Commons, and Wikidata, and a co-founder of Women in Red, a virtual community that focuses on improving Wikipedia’s content gender gap. She has led many editing and training events, served on organizing teams for various Wikimedia conferences, and spoken widely about Wikimedia projects. In 2018, Rosie was knighted in part for her Wikipedia work. Logo, Women in Red: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Women_in_Red_logo.svg Logo, Virtual Ideas Cafe at Women in Red: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Wikipedia_-_filled_with_knowledge.jpg

Emma Christoffersen

Tēnā koutou katoa. I have been editing English Wikipedia since late 2020, with a focus on New Zealand women in literature and Māori/Pasifika people. My Wikipedia username is Chocmilk03 and this will be my first Wikimania.

Lucy Moore

Lucy primarily edits as part of WikiProject Women in Red and has contributed to the project since 2019. Her secondary area of wiki-interest is museums and heritage and she focuses her contributions on areas outside Europe.

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Room: Room 311

Start time: Wed, 16 Aug 2023 12:33:00 +0800

End time: Wed, 16 Aug 2023 12:45:00 +0800

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Duration: 12 minutes

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Abstract & description[edit source]

Abstract[edit source]

All the planning for Women in Red’s on-wiki events occurs on-wiki at the Virtual Ideas Cafe (VIC). In April 2023, that includes 7 different events, of different scopes and different durations. This session describes the collaborative monthly planning process (i.e., ideas development, task delegation, logo design, newsletter creation, MassMessaging), a discussion of collaborative processes used by others, and a look to a synergistic future.

Description[edit source]

Women in Red is an on-wiki community established at Wikimania 2015 Mexico City. It is not a WMF affiliate. It has never applied for a grant. Its events are planned at the Virtual Ideas Cafe, an on-wiki space run by Women in Red volunteer editors. No one is in charge; all decisions are reached by consensus.

By July 2023, Women in Red has coordinated 276 different on-wiki events. Events vary by type (e.g., contest, collaboration, annual event), scope (e.g., geography, occupation, alphabet letter), and duration (e.g., 1 month, 1 quarter, 1 year).

In this session, attendees will learn how Women in Red generates and develops ideas; delegates tasks; designs a logo; designs each event’s meetup page, redlist, and talkpage template; develops a monthly “tip”; creates a newsletter; assembles the mailing list; and MassMessages every month since its establishment 8 years ago. The session will also describe archiving the previous plans and social media promotion of future events.

Time permitting, a discussion will ensue regarding how attendees develop their on-wiki events. This will address topics such as equity decision-making in the event’s scope, planning for metrics (tracking outcomes), planning for training, how to avoid facilitator burnout, and when/why to apply for a grant.

Time permitting, the session will address future collaborative strategies and synergies in alignment with WMF Movement Strategy Initiatives.

Links: Women in Red: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:WikiProject_Women_in_Red Virtual Ideas Cafe at Women in Red: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:WikiProject_Women_in_Red/Ideas 2030 initiatives: https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Movement_Strategy/Initiatives

Further details[edit source]

Qn. How does your session relate to the event themes: Diversity, Collaboration Future?

This session focuses on a systematic approach to collaborative on-wiki planning for content gender gap events. It has three objectives: 1. Description of Women in Red’s approach, which has led to 19.61% of EN-WP biographies being about women (as of July 2023), up from 15.5% when Women in Red was established (July 2015). 2. Discussion of how other communities facilitate a systematic approach to collaborative on-wiki planning for content gender gap events. 3. Synergies and commitments for future collaborations in ways that honor our different lived experiences.

Qn. What is the experience level needed for the audience for your session?

Everyone can participate in this session

Qn. What is the most appropriate format for this session?

  • Tick Onsite in Singapore
  • Empty Remote online participation, livestreamed
  • Empty Remote from a satellite event
  • Empty Hybrid with some participants in Singapore and others dialing in remotely
  • Empty Pre-recorded and available on demand