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REMEMBER! Before adding a new entry about yourself, make sure you have not written one already! You might have done so and forgotten about it!

When indicating your language(s), note the convention about denoting language level in Wikimedia projects:

  • If you speak a language natively and perfectly, just write the language code, without adding a number. For example, if your native language is Russian, just write "ru". Alternatively, you can also write "ru-N" to signify a native fluency level.
  • For specifying non-native knowledge of a language, you can add a number next to the language code. The meaning of each number is as follows:
    • 1. Basic ability: enough to understand written material or simple questions in this language.
    • 2. Intermediate ability: enough for wiki editing or discussions.
    • 3. Advanced level: you can write in this language with no problem, although occasionally small errors might occur.
    • 4. "Near-native" level: although it's not your first language from birth, your fluencly with it is similar to that of a native speaker.
    • 5. Professional proficiency: For example, you studied this language academically, or you are a professional translator.
Country Username Languages Arrival Departure Comment
PL Poland Nux pl-N, en-3 5 Aug 11 Aug probably only afternoon sessions