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Expression of interest: Nairobi, Kenya[edit source]

Abstract/description[edit source]

In a few sentences tell us about your submissions. What made you and your community want to host the next Wikimania?

Wikimedia Community User Group Kenya, would like to host Wikimania 2025 in the Capital Nairobi, Kenya. This will be a great opportunity to bring the world to East Africa and the third time in Africa for Wikimania. It will be also an opportunity to explore and learn about Kenya and Eastern Africa and more about the African continent.

Organizers[edit source]

Who is submitting this expression of interest? List individuals or groups.

Wikimedia Community User Group Kenya
Team Member Roles
User:Cmwaura Planning and Organising lead
User:Ms Kabintie Planning and Organising Lead
WMF Liason

Requirements[edit source]

Interested community groups do not need to have a venue selected, contracts drafted or sponsors lined up. This is why we are starting the process early. Please provide solid information about the points below to help our decision making. We will be taking into account various factors about potential sites and hosts especially the cost, accessibility, security, global rotation of Wikimania, and the strength of the organizing team. We hope to announce the location of the 2024 Wikimania by March, 2023. If you are interested in hosting a Wikimania in 2025 or later, you can submit your expression here as well.

Venue + lodging[edit source]

Travel + visas[edit source]

Facilities + services[edit source]

Safety + security[edit source]

Alternate locations[edit source]

Time[edit source]

  • August 2025

Additional[edit source]

Any other details that you think would be helpful for the Wikimania Steering Committee.