Organizing a culture crawl

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The purpose[edit | edit source]

The purpose of Culture Crawl was to give the early arrived visitors an opportunity to take part and explore Swedish culture and culture heritage before the conference began. It is often very busy at conferences and the schedule can be time-consuming. It can be perceived as unsatisfactory if you as a conference participant cannot see anything of the country.

The tours[edit | edit source]

We did two guided tours in two tracks, a total of four full-day tours that went from 9am to 8pm on the Thursday before the conference. One in central Stockholm around Gamla stan (Old Town) and Nationalmuseum and one track around Royal Djurgården, a national city park with the open-air museum Skansen. We estimate that about 80 people participated during the day. The tours had volunteers who accompanied and host institutions were guides. At the last stop of the tour, a shorter edit-a-thon was arranged.

Feedback[edit | edit source]

The feedback received so far has been very positive for the Culture crawl and we think it would be a good addition also for future Wikimanias. It does however add complexity and a lot of work for the organizers.

Organize a Culture Crawl[edit | edit source]

There is a learning pattern at Metawiki with suggestion and what to start with when – Organizing a culture crawl.