Roles and responsibilities

From Wikimania
Based on roles and responsibilities during Wikimania 2019
Task Wikimedia Foundation Hosting Wikimedia Affiliate(s) Contractors
Strategic oversight Lead role Input, possibility of formulating goals
Budget oversight Lead role No role Assistance
Timeline oversight Lead role Management
Choosing PR Agency Together with Comms Team Input
Communicating actively before the event No WMF involvement

PR Agency usually just actively involved during the Wikimania week

Lead role no contractors involvement
Developing graphic design WMF Comms Team Input and assistance
Printed materials and SWAG Input and assistance Lead role
Internal communications:

setting up appropriate channels on Telegram etc.

Lead role
Updating and curating the Wiki Lead role
Venue Selection, negotiation and management Possibility of input and site visit AV, catering, room setups, streaming etc. Potential translation.
Hotel Selection, negotiation and management
Informing about registration opening and closing Lead role
Registration Management Lead role Assistance and support
Finding local Registration Desk Manager Lead role
Introducing Registration Desk Manager Lead role Assistance Assistance
Remote participation
Recording and Streaming of Talks WMF OIT team provides some 6-7 cameras,

and recording and streaming of at most 1 room.

Management and carry out according to internal goals Assistance (especially with AV communications with venue)
Social and side events
Finding appropriate venues Lead role Assistance
Negotiating with venues Assistance Lead role
Planning of social event Assistance Lead role
Finding appropriate cultural happenings Lead role Management
Community Village Assistance Management Assistance
Extra cultural and side events Lead role Assistance
Volunteer Management
Staffing plan Lead role Assistance
Recruit volunteers Lead role Assistance
Confirm volunteers Lead role Assistance
Run volunteer training Co-lead Co-lead
Manage volunteers onsite Assistance (only when it comes to appointing tasks) Lead role Assistance (only when it comes to appointing tasks)