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This template permits the easy insertion of an image representing the asperand (@, using File:At sign.svg). The goal of this is to allow citing of an email address in a page without having email address collection programs collect the email address to be used in spam emailings. This effect is affected by the non-recognition of programs searching for email address of the significance of the image.

In its simplest form, this just shows an SVG-rendered image of the @ symbol.
With 2 or 3 parameters, it obfuscates a complete email address, by replacing the @ and any dot from the domain name specified separately in the second parameter.
  • {{@|user|domain|Real Name}}
Optional parameters:
  • 1= user account name on the domain (before the @ sign): don't URL-encode it as it is performed by this template
  • 2= domain name (after the @ sign, required if you specify the 1st parameter): don't URL-encode it as it is performed by this template
  • 3= real name of the email address owner (may be omitted, only used after the 2 first parameters), may contain spaces and some punctuation but no HTML
  • {{@}} generates: @
  • {{@|BobDoe|example.com}} generates: @
  • {{@|BobDoe|example.com|Bob "Pro" Doe}} generates: @
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