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“Archive” parameter variables[edit source]

You can use the following variables in the archive parameter:

variable meaning
((year)) year, e.g. 2020
((month:long)) full monthname, e.g. February
((month:short)) short monthname, e.g. Feb
((month:##)) month as two digits, e.g. 02
((week)) week date as a number, e.g. 4 or 15 (per ISO 8601)
((week:##)) week date as a two digits, e.g. 04 or 15 (per ISO 8601)
((day:##)) day of month as two digits, e.g. 07 or 31
((quarter)) quarter, e.g. 3
((quarter:##)) quarter as two digits, e.g. 03
((quarter:i)) quarter as lowercase Roman numerals, e.g. iii or iv
((quarter:I)) quarter as uppercase Roman numerals, e.g. III or IV
((half-year)) half-year, e.g. 2
((half-year:i)) half-year as lowercase Roman numeral, e.g. ii
((half-year:I)) half-year as uppercase Roman numeral, e.g. II
((FULLPAGENAME)) The full page name (namespace + actual page) name of the current page. Same as {{FULLPAGENAME}}, but with normal brackets. Use this instead of hard coding your page name.


archive=Commons:Village pump/Archive/((year))/((month:##))

Example[edit source]

⧼seealso⧽: Template:Autoarchive resolved section/usertalksetup

The following example is derived from the archiving setup of dewiki’s Wikipedia:Redaktion Chemie. All marked/tagged sections with level 2 (that is ==) will be archived seven days after placement of a Template:T block. The archive is at Wikipedia:Redaktion Chemie/Archiv. The archiving will be done to Wikipedia:Redaktion Chemie/Archiv/2007/Januar if the first comment in this section was made in January.

{{Autoarchive resolved section

That will look like this:

Filing cabinet icon.svg
SpBot archives all sections tagged with Template:Tlx after 7 days. For the archive overview, see Archive.

Signature format[edit source]

The date and time part of the signature is important for recognition of the timestamp. The default format specified by MediaWiki and automatically created, when ~~~~ or ~~~~~ is entered, is sufficient: 23:12, 24 January 2020 (UTC), also with abbreviated month: Jan. This corresponds to the following structure with Mediawiki variables: {{CURRENTTIME}}, {{CURRENTDAY}} {{CURRENTMONTHNAME}} {{CURRENTYEAR}} (UTC) (short month name: {{CURRENTMONTHABBREV}}. When directly entered these variables must be substituted (the according {{LOCAL…}} variants can be used, as well).

Other formats are not supported.

Error lists[edit source]

Talk pages containing errors in their main template usage or in Template:T are shown in the following lists and on the corresponding talk page.

Informational lists