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Usage[edit source]

Use it to generate the language-dependant punctuation signs that is used like an English full stop (dot), for example at end of a sentence.

  • By default, it is rendered according to the content language of the current page (see {{CURRENTCONTENTLANGUAGE}}) so it will work in translated subpages.
  • If you want to use it in a multilingual page, you'll need to specify the language-code in parameter 1.

Warning[edit source]

  • Don't insert any space after it (this template will insert the word separator conditionally, but the full stop returned in Chinese is a wide version and requires no extra space after it). Some other South-East Asian languages also don't want any space in the same paragraph (they don't separate words by spaces).
  • Full stops not followed by a space are used as decimal separators or group separators for the international formatting of numbers (for example with {{formatnum:number|language-code}}): do not use this Stop template for such usage.