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This is the {{template shortcut}} template.

It can be used to show the names of shortcuts to a template.

It can take up to six shortcuts as parameters.

Usage[edit source]

If you want to indicate that {{test1}} has shortcuts named {{vand1}}, {{uw-vandal1}}, and {{uw-test1}}, then you could use one of:

{{template shortcut|uw-v1}}
{{template shortcut|uw-v1|uw-vand1}}
{{template shortcut|uw-v1|uw-vand1|uw-vandal1}}

Internationalisation[edit source]

This template has its header name "Shortcut" or "Shortcuts" translated with the {{Shortcut caption}}. The colon, word separators (usually space) and list separator (usually a comma) are translated in {{colon}} and {{comma}}.

The language used is the these same language, that in the current page.

However the floating side is dependant of the direction for the script used in the language of the current page content, and independant of the user's language.

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