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Abbad Diraneyya
Abbad Diraneyya
Chief Coordinator, Wikimedians of the Levant User Group

About me

I am a Wikipedian, writer, and translator. I have been a nerd of science and books since my early childhood. I read my first book as a six year old, completed Moby-Dick's full text (900 pages in Arabic print) in fifth grade, and went on to pursue a degree in English Literature; to which I am now a second year student in the University of Jordan. I also have a very special passion for astronomy; as I do own a 3 inch telescope though I rarely use it, and wildlife; as I'm constantly working to document species of reptiles and birds in my local area.

For as long as I remember, I have been deeply frustrated whenever I needed to read something in my mother tongue, Arabic: a language spoken by over 300 million people but provides virtually no readable content about any area of knowledge. After I was able to comprehend English, my past frustration turned into my motive to become a Wikipedian, as well as to join various other communities aspiring to build a better Arabic content: such as TED, Khan Academy and Scientific Saudi, among others. In addition to my degree, writing and Wikipedian work, I also have a part-time job as a freelance writer (most recently, I am working for the prominent Jordanian online magazine, https://www.7iber.com 7iber).

My work

I have been contributing to Wikipedia since 2007. Most of my work focuses on creating long and extensively researched featured content on Arabic Wikipedia, which I carefully select from things that I feel interested in: mostly, my articles are about astronomy, wildlife or history (so far, I have completed over fifty featured/good articles in Arabic). Throughout the past decade, I have made over 25,000 edits and created over a thousand articles on Arabic Wikipedia. In 2012, I became an admin on Arabic Wikipedia, and held the status for about three years; until I requested a resignation for personal reasons.

I have also done a great deal of organizational work in the 'places' where I live. I was a co-founder of Wikimedia Levant, co-organizer of four versions of Wiki Loves Monuments in several Arab countries, an ambassador of Wikipedia's Education Program in several version, and the vice director of the major WikiArabia 2016 event in Amman, Jordan. In March 2017, I have published an e-book in Arabic language: The Story of Wikipedia. Since July 2017, I have been elected as the Chief Coordinator of Wikimedia Levant. Until now, I have had the great pleasure of attending five Wikimanias.

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