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Anass Sedrati
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Anass Sedrati

About me

Hello and welcome to my home page in Wikipedia. My name is Anass, I'm a Moroccan Wikimedian from the city of Salé, contributing most about Moroccan culture, history and politics. I am a Telecommunications engineer, but I have a big interest in human science. I try to combine my interests and share what I learn in Wikipedia, as I am a believer in free knowledge, and that everybody should have access to information for free.

My work

I have been active in Wikimedia projects since 2009, but created an account until 2013 and became more involved in the Moroccan community since that date. I am mostly working on creating articles in the Arabic Wikipedia for areas that I consider are missing information. I am also working a lot with Moroccan Arabic promotion online, and with the Amazigh Wikipedia projects in the incubator.

I am a co-founder of the Wikimedia MA User Group (created in October 2015).

I have co-organized and participated in different events related to Wikipedia, ranging from Edit-a-thons and "What is Wikipedia" conferences to regional and international events such as Wiki Arabia, WikiIndaba or the Wikimedia Conference.

Currently I'm part of the Movement Charter Drafting Committee.

Contact me

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