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Cassandra Casares
Program Support Associate, Community Development

About me

My name is Cassandra Rose Casares. I was born and raised in Oakland, California by my two fathers along side my younger brother. Being a Bay Area baby I graduated from the University of San Francisco where I received my B.A in Environmental Studies with a minor in Ethnic Studies.

Outside of work I am a part time artist. My medium is acrylic on canvas. I paint Pachamama and occasionally portraits of loved ones. I also love being outside hiking, running, or roller skating on my quad skates out on Lake Merritt in Oakland. When it is safe to travel again, I would love to visit more places around the world and try new foods!

My work

I am the Program Support Associate for the Community Development team. I lead Outreach and support my colleagues with team projects. I make sure the team and I meet our project goals in a timely manner and document processes for future projects.

Working on a team that is 100% community facing is inspiring and enriching. I am constantly learning from not not only my team members but from newcomers and matured contributors in the movement. Leadership, community health, knowledge access, communication, organization and agency are factors that are essential to community work. I strive to make sure I can support these areas in my projects and teams goals, in which enable equitable access to the movement by all emerging and developed communities that continue contribute to the free knowledge movement.

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