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ilo-1 Daytoy nga agar-aramat ket nababa ti pannakaammona iti Ilokano.
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Hi! My name is Chlod (/ˈklɑːd/). I'm a software developer specialized in web development languages (HTML, CSS, and JavaScript - mainly Node and TypeScript) who sometimes does work on Java and C# as well. I'm working towards getting a software engineering course in the near future.

I've been on Wikipedia for a long time now, but I've only decided to be more active recently (patrolling recent changes since October 12, 2019). I'm really interested in anti-vandalism, grammar correction, and script building. I've made a few userscripts, and those can be found here, and I've made a few tools that interact with Wikipedia, or are made for Wikipedia, and they can be found here. I also volunteer as RedWarn's frontend developer, primarily in the upcoming React-based version. If you're into what else I make, feel free to have a glance at my GitHub.

If you'd like to have a chat, you can reach out to me on the Wikimedia Discord server as chlod#9493, or on my talk page. I very occasionally use IRC as chlod (with host mask chlod@wikipedia/chlod) on Libera, but I do check my client daily and I receive all direct messages. For matters that may be personal or private, you can talk to me through Discord or you can send me an email through Special:EmailUser. I'm always open to improvement on my editing skills and/or behavior.

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