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Erina Mukuta
Erina Mukuta
Erina Mukuta
Wikimedian, Wikimedia community user group Uganda
To share is to love

About me

Erina Mukuta is a wikimedian in the Wikimedia Community User Group Uganda.She lives in Uganda and has been part of several project to increase content and knowledge sharing. She has worked with several communities in uganda e.g schools, organisations, other wikimedia chapters etc.

My work

Here is a partial list of works that i coordinated or involved in :

Past and Ongoing Works

  • I co-created Wikimedia Community User Group Uganda
  • A training and event coordinator for Wikimedia Community User Group Uganda
  • I participated in a conference for Wikipedians In Residence, organised by WikiAfrica in Johannesburg, South Africa
  • I coordinated a community based project known as "Kumusha Takes Wiki"
  • I trained nature Uganda communities in masaka Uganda
  • I worked with ISOC in training Luganda students on how to translate and upload said articles
  • Wiki Loves Women
  • Art +feminism

Future work

  • Translation on Luganda wikipedia
  • GLAM
  • Education

Contact me

User:Erinamukuta/schedule of february