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User:Fabian Roudra Baroi

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In a mission to express the beauty

of wild life by my photographs

Fabian Roudra Baroi

Wildlife Photographer and Student

About me

144 thousand of the soldiers of happiness are working every day, accumulating their knowledge and happiness making them free for each and every people on the planet, seeking the beauty of truth and probably enriching the richest knowledge base created by mankind. Feeling proud to find my name at a small corner there ...

My work

I'm a photographer living in Toronto, Ca. I have been capturing moments since 2019, thus making it my side hustle. I have covered various events, worked in commercial photoshoots, and been a volunteer photographer at various events at my school. Being a photographer, editing is a must for photographs so I have been developing my editing skills till then.

While gaining experience in photography as well as editing, I have been attending courses on photography to enrich my knowledge. Also, learning various editing skills through YouTube, specially on Adobe Premier Pro and Adobe Lightroom.

I'm content incharge of NDEC Wikipedia Editorial and Research Team. Besides, I'm a student and a digital marketing expert.