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Hello! My name is Giovanna Fontenelle. I'm a Journalist, Historian, Educator, and Wikimedian since 2016.

I started on Wikipedia during an Education program and, in 2018, I became an Wikimedian in residence at the RIDC NeuroMat, through a São Paulo Research Foundation scholarship for Scientific Journalism.

With the scholarship, I also carried out activities in the initiative Museu Paulista da USP GLAM, also known as the Museu do Ipiranga (or Paulista Museum, Ipiranga Museum).

I continued to work on the project for this museum and several other GLAM institutions as a member of the Wiki Movimento Brasil User Group (WMB) for some years. In 2020, I was the Projects Manager for the WMB professional team. With the account GFontenelle (WMB), I carried out activities, events, and projects, mainly with GLAM and Education institutions.

At the end of 2020, I started to work as Senior GLAM-Wiki Specialist at the Wikimedia Foundation. I'm currently a Program Officer on the GLAM and Culture team at WMF, working with the GFontenelle (WMF) account.

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