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মেঘ দেখে কেউ করিস নে ভয় আড়ালে তার সূর্য হাসে;

হারা শশীর হারা হাসি অন্ধকারেই ফিরে আসে।।

[Don't be afraid of the clouds, the sun smiles behind them;

The lost smile of the lost moon returns in the dark...]

Iftekhar Hossain Iftee

About me

Hello! My name is Iftekhar Hossain Iftee. My username is Ifteebd10. I am from Bangladesh. I am studying at Sir Salimullah Medical College, and was a student of Notre Dame College, Dhaka. I am very interested in languages and find myself quite good at language skills. I also have an interest in arts, music, science, etc. My hobby is studying different things.

This user is a member of Project Korikath.

My work

I'm a member of NDEC Wikipedia Editorial and Research Team. I usually work on various projects as a volunteer and organizer in the Wikimedia Movement locally and globally. I'm very interested in legal issues and working with my team in the movement. I'm also interested in ensuring full legal and linguistic capacity in my team and other communities. Besides I'm currently a Movement Charter Ambassador and facilitator.

Click here to get an overview of Project Korikath, the Wikimedia Commons project I'm currently working on.

Contact me

Any suggestion is welcome!