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Ilham Nurwansah ᮄᮜ᮪ᮠᮙ᮪ ᮔᮥᮁᮝᮔ᮪ᮞᮂ
Ilham Nurwansah
ᮄᮜ᮪ᮠᮙ᮪ ᮔᮥᮁᮝᮔ᮪ᮞᮂ

About me

I am a philologist, language and indiginous script enthusiast. A contributor and administrator on Sundanese Wikipedia.

I also like free access to information, free knowledge and GLAM collaborative movements.

My work

I joined the Sundanese Wikipedia on 2011. Also contributing in Wikimedia Commons. My main interests are philology, history, ethnography, and culture.

Since 2022 I'm leading the Wiki Rescues Manuscripts in Indonesia project.

Contact me

  • e-mail: ilhamnurwansah(_AT_)