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A bit about me

Hi! My name is Iván Hernández Cazorla and I am a historian from the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.

I am interest in the cultural history and in digital humanities, although I am not graduated in any master or postgraduate degree about this interesting topic. I advocate for the open knowledge, as it can be shown my activity in the Wikimedia projects and the two chapters in which I am involved (Wikimedia Portugal and Wikimedia Spain). I also promote the open science in the institutions (like in the case of the project Wikidata-IATEXT.

I mainly contribute to Wikidata, Commons and the Spanish Wikipedia. In Wikidata I operate CanaryBot. This bot helps me to perform some maintenance tasks, like the ones for I have requested permission. Although sometimes I have not time to upload all I can photograph, I always try to take photographs and document what I see, from cultural heritage to the nature; practically everything in my sights! I speak and write Portuguese too, and I am involved in the Wikimedia community of Portugal, so I am always trying to contribute in this community, whether in the Portuguese Wikipedia, in Wikidata or in Commons, where I upload my files with descriptions (and now captions) in three languages (English, Portuguese and Spanish).

You can talk me in the language you want, I understand that everyone explains better in its own language, and everyone could use a translator machine to understand more or less. But I admit that I has a few language preferences because they are what I understand better. In the right box you can see what languages I can understand and the level. When I set a knowledge like basic is because I only understand what I read, but I am not able to talk (or write) without a dictionary and a translator machine at my side. But maybe I understand some language that it isn't there, so again I encourage to talk with me in the language in which you feel more comfortable.

If you have some interest to know something more about me, you can check my Spanish userspace. You can also contact me:

  • e-Mail: ivanhercaz(_AT_)protonmail.com (or click here).
  • Twitter: @Ivanhercaz
  • My talk page in any project or in Meta.
  • I'm Ivanhercaz in IRC, but I don't use it a lot.
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