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I am a remote Wikimania follower.

My moments of inspiration (in the order I saw the available videos, not necessarily in the order they were presented)[edit | edit source]

Sapmi land
  • Play is key for teams to work well together - Michael Peter Edson
  • We are tinkers and all tinkers are optimists - Katherine Maher
  • That map of the Northern Sámi language between the other two, spread over 3 countries, in the shape of a reindeer head - Liv Inger Somby (WMF blog)
  • Amir helps Ingrid Cumming of Perth add the first Noongar words to Wiktionary -
  • 17 SDG's, but 232 indicators that can't be counted. How can progress get measured? - Tyler Radford
  • During the culture crawl, Wikipedians were brought face-to-face with a Rembrandt that once hung in the Amsterdam city hall, where we had the Erasmus Prize ceremony with a large group of Wikimedians in 2015.