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Kaarel Vaidla
Kaarel Vaidla, Wikimedia Movement Strategy Process Architect at WMCON 2018 (Photo by Jason Krüger for Wikimedia Deutschland e.V., CC BY-SA 4.0)
Kaarel Vaidla
Process Architect for Wikimedia Movement Strategy
For even masons say that big stones are not well laid without little stones.
Plato, Laws, Book X 902e translated by R.G. Bury

About me

I am a collaboration and strategy enthusiast and have been working with non-profits in different fields for more than 10 years now. I am passionate about the vision of Wikimedia and keeping a space open for open knowledge and access to knowledge. Although I created my user account on wiki projects in 2009, I was not too active until I joined the Estonian chapter in 2013, first as a project writer and from 2014 as an executive director.

As a wikimedian I have always emphasized the need for constructive collaboration across the borders of communities and organizations and really believe that this is a way forward for building a truly global movement. As a result I was also intrigued by the Movement Strategy Process and participated as a volunteer in different roles in 2017. One thing led to another and since April 2018 I am working as the Process Architect for the Wikimedia Movement Strategy.

My work

As the Process Architect I am responsible for designing and supporting a participatory way to discuss the future of Wikimedia and build together a plan for structural change needed to better enable us all to move in our strategic direction. This means designing for content work, community participation on different levels and inclusion of expert analysis in the discussions.

As this is highly iterative process I am happy to receive feedback and ideas how to bring the strategy closer to communities while not overwhelming them with global discussions and conversations that are sometimes on a more abstract level. I was also in a supporting role for the working groups who were brought together to discuss important thematic areas of the movement, ensuring that the overall process supported them in the best way possible.

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