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I am Manfred Moosleitner from Innsbruck, Austria. I got in contact with MediaWiki as part of my current work as a software developer within the project DigiVis - Digitization and Visualization of Archives and Collections of the Department of Media, Society and Communication of the University of Innsbruck.

The project DigiVis takes text-based archival material from the Ernst von Glasersfeld-Archive, home to the scientific heritage of Ernst von Glasersfeld, a philosopher who was one of the founders of radical constructivism, and aims to leverage MediaWiki to provide an interactive platform for analysing, exploring and experiencing the archive’s contents. Therefore, besides relying on a number of established extensions such as Semantic MediaWiki or Semantic Text Annotator, we devise a custom MediaWiki extension to add tools for corpus-linguistic text analysis and natural language processing tasks (e.g., word frequency or co-occurrence analyses, named entity recognition, etc.), manual analysis as well as custom visualizations to analyze and explore discursive elements and structures of the underlying texts. A further goal of the project is to use the design principles of “generous interfaces”[1] to create a user-friendly and easily accessible interface for users with various backgrounds, ranging from students to experts.


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