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Employee of Wikimedia Österreich
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Manfred Werner
Manfred Werner
Manfred Werner
Project Manager, Wikimedia Österreich

About me

Coming from and still living in Vienna, Austria. Working in the field of web and multimedia production in the past I am happy to join Wikimedia Österreich to support the community and the idea of Free Knowledge in general.

Named Tsui, I am active on de.wikipedia since June 2004, a little later I also joined Commons. In recent years the focus of my participation shifted from writing to photography - not least with the support of Wikimedia Österreich.

My work

As part of the team of Wikimedia Austria I support our communities in their activities and people interested in Wikimedia projects to take their first steps as contributors.
Furthermore I am on the team of Wiki Loves Monuments international, supporting the volunteers organizing this annual competition.

Contact me

  • e-mail:
  • phone:
    +43 660 412 88 92

You can talk to me in German and English.